Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Nappie Team

A bone to the dog is not charity.
Charity is the bone shared with the dog,
when you are just as hungry as the dog
.- Jack London

I just had faith when I published Nappies story on my blog a few weeks ago. I approached few people that I know have the heart and willing to help. Thank you Sam (also Chandra) for being there from day 1. Your hearts were brocken into pieces when you heard about the boy's story. And I had no doubt that you want to see Nappie healthy and well pretty soon. And not only that Remedios will have her sight finally after Nappies operation. Thank you for your generosity. Sam, you should have your own kids soon because I know you will be a very good father if not the best.
Also sa you Tien ( I know you want anonymity). I know we have the same heartbeat when it comes to helping the poorest among the poor filipinos, not that I have an improved life but because I had been there half of my life and I know how it feels and tastes kung ang ulam mo sa tanghali ay instant noodles na may halong malunggay o isang kilong dilis na papaksiwin at uulamin sa loob ng 3 araw. Ikaw naman Tien ay sinilang na blessed na and it humbles me that someone like you is selfless when it comes to sharing your resources. Im sure your wife is so proud of you.
Salamat sa IHG family for being so supportive. There is so much love for Nappie. You are simply the best. Salamat sa HR (Ms. Gigi and her staff), Jill, Tara, Ms. Eds, Weena, Abi, Thessa, TM Malen, Ced Jordan, Arby, SA INYONG LAHAT.
Malapit na operation ni Nappie....Yahhooooooooo!!!
God bless all these kind souls, may good karma follow you and engulf you wherever you go.
Watch out for a brand new Nappie!!!!SOON!

Keep on loving one another as Christians. Remember to welcome strangers in your homes. There were some who did that and welcomed angels without knowing it.
Hebrews 13:1-2

Save a tree. Don't print this unless it's really necessary.

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