Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to Normal

As you know, I just got back from a long,wonderful holiday from Boracay with my family. I had a great time. The highlights of these long-awaited vacation are: for Gregg and AJ to meet for the first time (father and son) and to simply celebrate someone's bday.

Gregg who fondly calls me " an old crow". He is the father of my son, AJ.

At first Gregg doesn't know how to react to his son, seeing him for the first time. It was those occasion that I as a mother did not force my partner to hold Aj and show his fatherly affections. My son's first reaction seeing him, hearing his Dada's ( as we fondly call him) voice made him cry to the top of his lungs. He isn't used to seeing and hearing and being with a man. It must have been a shock to the poor little AJ.I know that time will be the determining factor as to when they will trully bond. I was surprised when Gregg thanked me for not pushing him to AJ. I guess I knew him that much that I let him do things out of his own. He is doing a great job being a father. Now that he is in HK, he said he misses his son terribly esp. AJ's funny (filipino) nose. They are a great sight (father and son laughing together). I love them.

(Thank you to my mother and Ate Tin for looking after AJ whenever Gregg and I would go out to swim. This vacation would never been that wonderful without the two of you.)

As for Gregg's birthday, I got him his favorite Cinammon Rolls with that little blue birthday candle. He is a cinammon addict that he hates anything chocolatey (even coffee). He does not smoke and rarely drinks. He is definitely at the prime of his life and I always wished him happiness. To follow his bliss. Wherever it may lead him and to whoever arms...

Right now I am facing a handful of to-do things:

1. Nappie is still waiting for the schedule of his operation. One doctor from the PGH said that he will study his case (his former doctor had fled the country for a greener pasture somewhere else which I don't blame him/her).This doctor who took over Nappie's case commented that his condition is not as critical compared to the other indigent patients. It also never escaped my ear when he recommended that Nappie gets a private doctor so he can be operated ASAP.
I think it is not fair that they are taking Nappie's plight with such reluctance. Are they waiting for the boy to be critical before assisting him?
I am thinking of writing to the Director of the hospital or getting the attention of the media (e.g. Imbistigador) to expedite his operation. We have the money donated by kind souls like Sam, Chandra and his friends, Tien and my InterContinental Hotels Group company and those volounteering their time to assist the boy and his family.

2. Remedios Alano is still on que ( eye problem) to be operated on both her eyes. She does not work at the moment and takes care of her grandchild. During weekends, she washes clothes to earn extra money.

3. I did'nt know that making surrogacy possible and legal for both Vehnessa and Bill takes a lot of research and hard work ( not to mention patience). Whew! I did'nt know that it requires so much work until I did my initial research on this.

Well, I will be back to work tomorrow. I can't wait to bond with the "hot momma's".

Have a great day and please, if anyone out there is reading this and has someone to recommend or has an idea or suggestion, please leave a comment or email me at or sms me at +639052706676.

Also, Happy birthday to Anne. Thank you for trusting me to write the essay. I am happy that you liked it. I hope to get more writing assignments in the future (hehehe seriously).

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