Thursday, July 3, 2008

Challenges on Nappie's operation

The Happy Nappy Team is encountering difficulties in getting the exact date of his operation. Apparently, the doctor handling his case is gone and a new one took over. I heard from Nappie's mother that she won't know for sure as to when would Nappie be operated. The doctor/s think that they should prioritize other patients whose condition is more critical that our little angel.
(Sigh) I wish I can do something to expedite the process. I thought that once the funds are available, Nappie's case is close. Right now, we are facing this huge wall in front of us that we must hurdle.
But one thing that makes me have that peace of mind, God would have never allowed us to go this far unless He will fulfill His good plan on Nappie's life. Nappie is His own and He will look after him like a good shephered does to his sheep.
Help me pray for Nappie...

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