Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank God it's Sunday

Hello, it has been a long time since I have last posted. As you know, at the moment my emotions are ranging : from sadness to joy...and a whole lot of emotions, named and unnamed.
On the much brighter side of things, Nappie will finally be operated. We are just waiting for him to get well from runny nose and a little cough. My bosses, colleagues, the kind hearted benefactors are still waiting for big results to happen. I am praying that it will be soon...
Hmp, Remedios has been diagnosed with a close to TB kind of lung disease. If she could not have proper medical care, she might have it pretty quick. We have agreed to loan her money so she can sell some stuff ( she can't find work because of her condition) to earn money for her family.
I guess so much has happened, a little drama, action and yet big results are still pending.
Oh, my baby boy turned 4 months yesterday. I just love him so. AJ wakes up at 4am and sings. yes, thats right he would make noise that has this melodic sound to it. He's adorable.
I know Sundays are mostly family bonding and church doing.. But I miss a nice relaxing day on the beach...

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