Thursday, July 17, 2008


I was in Grade 5 then, 11 years old representing my little school to that track and field event. Everyday we would get up at 5am, have to be at the track field by 7am. Warm up a little and run and more running, serious running from 7am till 12pm. Have our lunch break and get back to training area by 2pm and get back to our camp at 5pm. My weight dramatically dropped.
The only consolation I get was the thought that I was getting better at what I was doing. And my conversation from other athletes from different part of Narra,Palawan.
I was a dreamer: dreaming of becomming the fastest runner I can be.
But then, my training did not help me during the actual game. I got stupid and had to turn my head for whoever I thought called me. I was not focused at the moment.
This is what I am going through right now. I feel that I am facing this huge wall before me and that I have to climb over that wall to get to the other side.
That wall, my wall is the Philippine General Hospital that, again, said they would operate on Nappie come next year ( no fixed date). Or that he and his mother may return to Davao and have his operation there. Or take the payward.
I am appealing to whoever is reading this: please pray for Nappie to be operated soon because we don't want to wait until he is critical for him to get medical attention.
I believe that what the Lord has started, He will accomplish. I believe that one day, our little angel would be happy and normal finally.

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