Monday, May 26, 2008

Beautiful Tuesday

I have never imagined composing something so personal, so intimate and allowing almost everyone to read it. I thought of myself as a very private person, like for instance, if you ask me about sex I would blatantly tell you that it is something sacred and intimate-done by two people inlove,united into one unified soul( no offense to some--thats why i don't get it when they do it threesome-animals are to be lauded because I have never seen three dogs do it at the same time nor cats nor birds--some promiscuous people even videoed themselves doing it and having the whole world as their audience) not until a certain strong unnamed emotion propelled me to glue my bum to the chair and start tinkering the computer. Some might call it PMS-ing, or could be another side of me wanting to reach out.
I guess I still have that old school values that time and season won't able to bend.
After 30 summers, five tragic blind dates set up by concerned friends, and thanks to myself because I have found my groom because of a whirlwind courtship and marriage which i would name as Katrina, after 2 wisdom teeth and 8 different jobs, and some brocken dreams--here I am--still amazed by adulthood and the gamut of emotions and wisdom it has to offer.
I have to be honest, after going to two neighboring countries because of a travel package rate so low because SARS had just hit the territories ( courtesy of my beloved partner). I still have within me that personified atlas-wanting to be where there is civilization, culture, a new set of delicacies, seasons, landscape, architecture. You name it, my feet can't just have enough. Thats why another part of me gets green with envy when I hear colleagues,peers who go to the different corners of this world to fulfill their destinies. But is the picture I am seeing says it all? What is the big picture all about.
Here is what struck me just yesterday, I know I have to say this or else, had a ruthless hitman turn my body into an organic fertilizer and had my organs donated or sold-nobody would have heard this and then perhaps, had maybe his/her first smile genuine smile for the day: I THINK EVERYONE SIMPLY WANTS TO BE LAUDED OR TAPPED ON HIS SHOULDER or BE GIVEN A BEARHUG FOR LIVING HIS LIFE (not judged nor labelled) AND BE VALIDATED FOR DOING A JOB WELL DONE (life itself keeps on evolving, it never stops at a certain phase-it has its own mind and paths to take). From my heart and soul, i want to tell you whoever you are (that includes me) and which part of the globe you are : GOOD JOB! NEVER STOP BELIEVING-CAUSE YOUR BELIEF FOLLOWS YOU .

PS. I am simply humbled because good souls like Brian Gorrell himself (fondly called B.) got back to me and expressed his willingness to help Nappie. Also, some of my friends in Singapore expressed their desire to help. I have informed Nappie's family that once the money is ready, we shall proceed with his operation without any delay. ( I can't wait to see that smile on Dodong's face because he's got his anus finally!)
And to all the skeptics, I want you to know that not a penny will be misspent as I have 51 year old widowed-laundrywoman named Remedios Alano next in line to have a cataract operation at the same hospital. She has 3 kids: all of them are working even her youngest 12 year old girl who stopped schooling works as a dishwasher in a kitchenette just to bring food to the table. I will feature her on my blog one of these days.
Yes, the list never ends.
I will never get tired of having the desire to help because this is the very essence of life.


Anonymous said...

We as a people need to come together to put an end to this. The good of humanity should be our primary goal, not spending billions on trying to find different ways to destroy one another.

Anonymous said...

You're right Reginald. Someone should care and we all should, otherwise we would all perish without love in our hearts. And it is such shame to die that way...such wasted lives...