Thursday, May 15, 2008

My father had 6 wives

Moses and King Solomon would have been proud of my dad's track record: 6 wives and 12 children. Who would think that my my father of diminutive height and average looks had had 6 wives. To my knowledge, he wasn't rich nor of superior intelligence. Why did these women fall into his trap?
Indeed death has a funny way of connecting father's sad death on May 25, 2006. It was something that did not surprise me, nor made me shed a tear. I guess the only emotion I can name then was the feeling of regrets(ssssss)--an abyss of regrets if there is such. He could have lived his life a little different, not the way I have predicted it. Please don't hate me, or judge me If you can sense indifference. Life is not what it is at a glance. It has a history, a present and a future.
Let me not sidetrack you to the theme of this message. A few days passed that rolled into weeks, then into months---another family surfaced claiming that they are legal children wanting to meet us. I was dumbfounded...What should I say? "Long time no see, welcome to the family!"
Well, death has a funny way of introducing these people to me and their life stories that I have yet to unfold. If death has a funny side, I don't want to ever see it's serious facet. This I am sure, the only thing I want to meet, is contentment in closing my father's book along with his demise, for now let me have my peace in this comforting closure.

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outofthebox said...

I may have unknown siblings out there...This may sound pathetic and rediculous, but if you have read this blog and you have that tiny feeling that your mother had disclosed the identity of your father, please email me or leave a comment.