Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Help, I lost AUS$70,000

I have lost not just my entire savings of AUS$70,000 or more than P2.8 M (depending on the exchange rate) but my life which I am picking up the pieces little by little...
Along with the lost money was my lover...and half of my heart died that moment...I lost my faith in humanity, but it was just for a moment... For when my soul embraced this cluster of islands and islets, I lost its grip on me... How can you restore my faith when disbelief reigns?...When will you resurrect my trust when it's as cold as a corpse?...

It's not about me but for someone who lost so much because of love.

This is for you Brian Gorrell. I know that a part of you is mourning because your life was changed 180 degrees when you set foot in the Philippines because of DJ Montano and his sweet promises. I pray in my heart of hearts that life will always be good to you and surround you with sincere and caring people. I pray for more strength both in body and spirit as you go on with your joys and battles in this life. May Canada embrace you warmly not just in summer but throughout the year, may you be greeted not just with smiling faces but with rejoicing hearts.

Mabuhay ka at katarungan sa ipinaglalaban mo!

To know more about Brian Gorrell, please visit his blog at http://delfindjmontano.blogspot.com

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