Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tell Me

BEcause you inspire me in so many ways I can't count--I wish to be eloquent, to say the right words, but its better for some to be left unsaid that I can sum them all up in a poem.

Which of my feelings is real?
Which is really mine?
Which goes with the bubble and which one would die?
Do you know how to count raindrops?
Do you know where a rainbow ends?
Have you seen the earth in its perfect beauty?
With your heart, do you know how love springs?
If you have the answer, tell me when when the world is asleep.


lostforwords said...
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lostforwords said...

i am yet to pass the more painful stops in life...but i am confident to say, those feelings born out of selflessness...are the ones that do not die and that carries us through the next stop...