Monday, March 23, 2009


Falling in love with you was one of the most beautfiul thing that happened to me.
I was driving along this winding road, with no destination in mind and heading nowhere.
Suddenly, a cool gust of wind swept my face, filled my lungs, down my heart.
It was you. I didn't see you coming, but it was you.
Filling my life, my heart, my whole being, loving my soul.
Baby, you are so beautiful.
At first, I was afraid that I was falling for you, too fast, too soon.
But then, love is not measured by how long we have known each other but how long I have held you, treasured you in my heart.

I just love you so.
Then, when I asked you what you want in life, hoping to hear you say that you'd want to take my hand and walk down the abandoned road, our road. You said you want your "freedom and peace of mind", so with a heavy heart, I am going back to where I was, driving along the winding road until destination finds me.

Please don't be sad for me, I am walking away with a happy heart, giving you what you want, giving your "freedom and peace of mind".

I am walking away because I love you. I love you until I don't know when.

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